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Xenon Xe54 Premium Vodka 700ml


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At JQWS we know and understand the premium quality spirit world, and Xenon Xe 54 marks its place perfectly within a wide opening in the marketplace for a premium spirit, with quality packaging for a fraction of the price. Our partners and exclusive product Xenon Xe 54 Vodka is a proud product within our portfolio generally only offered and sold to the bar, restaurant and wholesale liquor market, offering affordable premium quality for a fraction of the cost to the premium vodka competitors. Now for a limited time you can get a hold of a bottle to see what all the fuss is about.

Expert craftsmen source the finest winter wheat to create a traditional vodka distillate dating back to 1898. Pure neutral vodka spirit (no additives) of 37.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) – Distilled and bottled in Belarus (old Soviet Russia) in 700ml bottles

Distilled and bottled in Belarus (old Soviet Russia) in 700ml /750ml bottles – Distillery was founded in 1898 (120 years old) –
Distillery produces in excess of 40 million liters of vodka per year. Crafted from genuine artisan methods from provincial
Belarus using masterful and century-old techniques. Components of vodka are grain ethyl rectified alcohol ” Super-Lux” and clear
black charcoaled filtered water harvested from an artisan basin which improves the taste of the vodka softness in taste and light vodka
aroma. Distillation process is unique as the grain harvests are also unique, this is called the continuous distillation method. The
Vodka is distilled many times only until the desired parameters are met.


(XENON Vodka & Xe54) – Xenon is an element with the atomic number 54 Xenon is devoid of colour, odour and taste, hence shares the characteristics of a perfectly neutral vodka spirit.


Try it today, and we 100% guarantee your satisfaction that Xenon XE Vodka is outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2020 – GOLD!!!

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1 review for Xenon Xe54 Premium Vodka 700ml

  1. Giannino Stanisci (verified owner)

    Clean nose, an ethanol undertone that never peaks, just consistently stays under the “spicy” level the whole way through with a smooth sweetness on the finish.

    Palate is surprising, actually stupid easy to drink, like I know its vodka but it doesnt drink like it. Its like this soothing warmth with a bit of peppery spice and ester at the finish but leaves the mouth totally clean. Theres no “burn”, at best theres this gentle warm undertone thats just uniqe, you could totally sip this neat all night and feel fantastic. I mean itd be nice if there was a little more complexity on the palate or on the nose, but I guess that kind of goes against the whole “xenon” aim of the product hey?

    Its a great bottle for a steal of a price, I’ve already ordered a second one after tasting today.

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