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Sasanokawa Yamazakura Pure Malt Whisky


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It is a pure malt whiskey that is vatted from sherry barrel malt and peat malt aged over 5 years in oak barrels. You can enjoy a rich flavor of malt and a soft fruit incense from sherry barrels, a sweet smooth mouth feel with smoky flavor.

Tasting notes

The Yamazakura range is made at the Asaka distillery, owned by Sasanokawa Shuzo Co. This is the newest addition to the companyäó»s ever-popular series, the Yamazakura Pure Malt Mountain Cherry edition. A mild, drinkable expression, featuring notes of cherry, oak, and earth. Witness the craft of Japanäó»sŒæji-whisky producers.



The nose first treated us to a selection of desserts. Apple and cherry crumble drizzled with caramel sauce and creme anglaise, banoffee pie. Yes, for those uninitiated, thatäó»s banana and toffee


On the palate, we got an array of flavours that told of a combination of cask types. There was a definite sherry note that came across with dried cherries, alongside a thick creamy vanilla and macadamia nuts.


here is a soft peat that swells towards the finish and then lingers with a beautiful serenity. Well crafted and well balanced. Light but powerful, like someone turned the gravity down and everything just weighs less.

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Regular(700ml)/ 48% (Japan)


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