Eigashima White Oak Malt Whisky Akashi (500ml)


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Eigashima White Oak Malt Whisky Akashi (500ml)


Eigashima Shuzo Distilley dates back to 1919 in Japan, founded in 1888, and the Akashi lable started in 2007.

Asashi White Oak Blend is a blend of Scotland with Japanese whisky. This is not an uncommon practice in Japan, and often the exact breakdown remains undisclosed. Askashi Red Whisky is a malt and grain blend.It is vatted from the malt aged in an American sherry barrel and bourbon barrel. The complicated and rich flavor from different barrel will give you an enjoying time. Non-chill filter (without cooling filtration), non-coloring (not being colored).

The White Oak ‘White’ is the next tier up from the ‘Red Blend’Japanese Blended Whisky’, is approachable and very enjoyable! Subtle cheery and spice, vanilla, and dried fruits, whilst offering a rounded mouthfeel. Won’t disappoint for the price point!!

Founded in 1888 on the site of Eigashima in the city of Akashi, White Oak distillery was the first in Japan to obtain the license of distilled spirits in 1919 and according to the legend would consequently be the first to distil whisky. Production remained traditional and reserved for the Japanese market until 1984 with the construction of a new distillery specially dedicated to the distillation of whisky. Located near the sea, and the city of Kobe, the distillery is enjoying a mild and stable climate. Today White Oak produces single malt in small quantities, but increasing quality.

Tasting notes


Deep Amber


Woody in sweet


Medium light, elegant and spicy, slightly peaty


long finishing

Bottle Size:

Regular(500ml)40% abv


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