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Eigashima Limited Edition 700ml -Gift Box


Akashi whisky is the only whisky in the world that is made by a Toji (grand-master in the art of sake making) by implementing sake-making methodologies into the whisky-making process. The distill pot used is smaller than those used by both Scottish and other Japanese distilleries, which in turn, decreases the levels of fusel alcohol. As a result, Akashi whisky does not require as long as an aging process, while its core malt (cask strength) is smooth and delicate.

Limited Edition 700ml Box Set


COLOUR: Deep Amber

NOSE: Woody in sweet, honey, pepper, vanilla, lightly peated

PALATE: Medium light, elegant and spicy, slightly peaty, honey, chocolate, pepper, oak, vanilla, dried fruits

FINISH: long finishing, honey, spices, cinnamon

ABV: 40%

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